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blank The Celestial Church of Christ is a church "born of the Holy Spirit" brought into being in the same manner as the first century church. Its founder Rev. Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa was a Methodist lay person. He received the power of the Holy Spirit and began his preaching in a small West African country called Dahomey (now called Republic of Benin) in 1947 after a period of three months in the forest during which an angel appeared to him and commissioned him to teach people to rely on the almighty God and the ministry of Jesus Christ alone.

  Pastor S B J Oshoffa

Pastor S B J Oshoffa
(Founder of Celestial Church of Christ)

  The Church believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God and has completed the work of redemption and salvation by his death and resurrection. It is based on the Christian creed, the ordination of ministers and the sacraments. The Church also believes in the infallibility of the scriptures as the guide to the Kingdom of God and in the Holy Spirit as the enabling power of believers for divine life.

There are six ministries: Pastor, Shepherd, Evangelist, Prophet, Music and Ushering ministries. Prophecy is especially important; some are visoners, dreamers or divine voice hearers. Their role is to make known to the people the will of God and make revelations unto them (Amos 3: 6).

The liturgical worship consists of prayers, hymns, Bible readings, sermon, offerings and sacraments. Other programmes include revival services, outreach programmes, bible fellowships, musical ministrations and symposia.

The hymns of the Celestial Church have a special authority because they were composed by people inspired by the Holy Spirit; the hymn book contains the doctrine and teachings of Christ within his holy church.

Worshippers wear white garments (sign of the priesthood of all believers) and take off their shoes when wearing that attire. Shoes are also not worn within the confines of the church as it is deemed as holy land unto the Lord. Clergy, depending on their hierarchal position wear colourful garments. Holy water, incense and crosses are used in the service.

Holy Communion is celebrated occasionally. The other sacraments are christening, baptism and marriage.

New members are taught the doctrines of Christ and the Church. A prayer for forgiveness and sanctification is then said by the Shepherd (Priest) in Charge. After he/she receives Christian education, they begin their journey to holiness. The Church places great emphasis on holiness and total separation from anything that is considered evil and unclean. All members must be baptized at an appropriate time; those coming from other denominations will receive a second baptism. We encourage our members to use Christ as their shield, as it is he that saves.

Throughout the member’s journey with Christ in the church, depending on their spiritual maturity, they are elevated in the hierarchal linage of the church to enable them to become more active as soldiers for Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ has established the Celestial Church for the salvation of mankind and to cleanse the world from all satanic influences.

To this end the Church is clothed with enormous spiritual power and miracles are a common feature. In addition, we believe that all Christian denominations must work together and unite under the banner of Christ in order to collectively win souls for his Kingdom.

The Celestial Church of Christ extended beyond the shores of Africa and settled in the UK in 1968.

Celestial Church of Christ Ileri-Oluwa Parish, Manchester is a registered Charity with Charity Commission, United kingdom with (Charity No: 1137289) and a Bible based Christian virtue focused church inspired by the Holy spirit to preach, teach and evangelise the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the sick, destitute, depressed, elderly, children and people with various and diverse ethnic background.

As part of our community service we visit and support the less privilege, empower youths and young adult through the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is to bring to every doorstep the message of redemption, reconciliation and restoration to mankind.

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ powerful enough to clean and make atonement for our sins.

We believe and practice the sacraments of Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, foot washing, anointing with oil, matrimony and the dedication of children. We are one big church, one big body, one big family, with many members. .

You can join any of our church groups; a place where you can feel comfortable and use and develop gifts and talents that the Lord has given unto you. Even if you seek for such gifts, the Lord is faithful to give according to your hearts desire.
These groups include;
• The Choir
• The Evangelism Team which includes Bible Class
• The Ushering Team (Church Wardens)
• The Youth/Sunday School Group
• Prophetic Ministry
• Counselling & Social Integration Group (Welfare)

We are also developing a mentoring scheme where a senior member of the church can guide you through issues of concern in your life and as a Christian; for the bible says “Two [are] better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow.”  Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10.

As you commit your life to Christ today, be rest assured that He shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen.

Church Clergy:

Shepherd Adewunmi Adesanya
Shepherd in Charge

Reverend M.E.F Oshoffa
Pastor & Spiritual Head C.C.C World - Wide

Our Pastors that have slept in the Lord are:
Reverend P.H Ajose (1932 - 2001)
Pastor C.C.C World-Wide (2000 - 2001)

Reverend A. A Bada (1930 - 2000)
Pastor C.C.C World-Wide (1986 – 2000)

Rev. S.B.J Oshoffa (1909 - 1985)
Prophet, Pastor & Founder C.C.C World - Wide
(1947 - 1985)

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